Haute Health Inc.
Haute Health Inc.


Haute Health, INC. is a multicultural brand focused on showcasing holistic, glamorously driven health initiatives with creative lifestyle content. With a vision to promote beauty confidence with the recognition of body awareness, Haute Health, offers a clean, polished & well-rounded approach to enhance beauty that's radiant & endures from the inside out. Curating unique content grounded in beauty advocacy, the Haute Health brand provide sleek & luxuriously fashion-conscious content, merging facets of lifestyle, beauty, fitness, & health  platforms. Wearing crowns to showcase the peaks of health in wealth, we do it for the culture.

PREVIEW: HEALTH COUTURE Formation Issue Spring 2017



A seasonally tailored, luxury wellness guide, HEALTH COUTURE represents a clean, sleek & modernized approach to customized training, diet, & beauty guides- drawing from creative editorial-style elements in fashion, beauty, style, art, & culture, featured alongside the densely informative wellness content presented in each seasonal issue.

One-of-a-kind & on trend with the styled essence of Haute Health Inc., HEALTH COUTURE  inspires true, natural beauty from the inside to out. Featuring content in touch with an eclectic audience to connect them with self via keen awareness of the latest trends in all lifestyle marketplaces, HEALTH COUTURE unanimously unites fashion sense with individual beauty & body advocacy to produce creative, curated content. Incorporating body & beauty challenges with each seasonal issue, HEALTH COUTURE ignites innovative & interactive health initiatives grounded in glamorously loving and caring for self!



 Chrystal Lynn is the founder & creative director of Haute Health, Inc. Haute Health, INC. With a formal education Biological Sciences & Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University and an advanced Master's degree in Biomedical Sciences, the creation of Haute Health evolved from the modern evolution of individualistic empowerment.  With a natural inquisition for human  & health  sciences Chrystal couldn’t be more thrilled to contribute to a society encouraged to become active partners in our health & overall well-being and seeks to intersect a thriving lifestyle of being in fine fettle & that of being fashionably forward. Recognizing beauty as both an internal process to promote your overall health as well as an external development of the confidence to express yourself to others, Chrystal’s vision is to pioneer the harmonization of fashion & health literacy to promote the ultimate sense of individualistic beauty.