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Thinking cleansing twice a day is doing a bit too much? Well then, you may want to seriously reconsider for health of your skin! Because, day in & day out, our skin is bombarded w. beauty stressors like UV rays & pollution that penetrate way deep into our pores making it harder for skin to remain supple & breathe. But, this is no way to start & end your fabulous days! Very basic process of washing your face before bed & after you wake are excellent ways to mitigate external factors associated w. aging & to stimulate internal processes that fight aging. Take care to prep your skin w. a clean palette in morning & slough off dirt & buildup acquired at night.  Since your skin produces much more oil this time of year, it’s important to make switch to a daily facewash that’s a bit stronger to go extra mile. But don’t mistake strength for stress; you want to choose wisely & select a cleanser that’s powerfully targeted while leaving your skin feeling clean; not irritated & inflamed. 

HAUTE JEWEL: In Spring, change either your moisturizer or cleanser first; but never both at same time. Ease your skin into change so that it doesn’t end in complete chaos. Allow your skin enough time to adjust to switch of one before changing other; shocking skin all at once could lead to patchy skin or even worse, a breakout. 



Science shares a few reason’s why cleaning is essential to maintaining healthy, beautiful skin:

i.  Cleansing before bed is essential to looking younger, longer.

Like many of our organs, our skin can tell night from day. Research has shown that certain physiological changes in skin do occur overnight, including natural process by which a cell regularly detoxifies itself. Overnight, skin needs oxygen to repair itself, & sleeping w. your makeup & all debris of your day on deprives it of this vital nutrient, blocking natural exfoliating process, which can leave your skin looking dull.

2.  Skipping nighttime cleansing regularly lead to larger pores.

Considering excess oil, dead skin, pollutions, & not to mention, makeup sitting on your face after a full day, do you really need much convincing of importance of a night cleanse? Just in case you did, know that these agents seep down deep into your skin to clog up your precious pores, declining collagen levels. Once levels start to drop –off, due to aging or natural processes, skin looses its elasticity & pores just don’t bounce back way they use to & become increasingly enlarged

3.  Nighttime cleansing prevents skin dehydration

Skin temperature rises overnight water loss, causing skin to lose a significant portion of water at night.  Does your skin ever sometimes feel itchier as you sleep or once you wake? Well, reason why is because you’ve lost so much water during your slumber. Skipping your face wash more than not means skipping out on moisturizer that helps hydrate your skin while you sleep.

4.  Morning cleansing prevents excess oil production.

Truth is, in morning you have more dead skin cells to slough off because of skin repair processes occurring overnight as you sleep pretty. These dead cells can not simply be wiped away w. mere water. Water alone removes only about 65% of oil & debris from surface of skin. Think about what you’re leaving behind | yikes! 


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