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Even most skillfully assembled skin-care routine is seldom a year-round champion. Swings in humidity, arctic bursts of air-conditioning, & brighter, longer days all play a role in how your skin endures. W. summer officially here, now’s the time to rethink your seasonal wardrobe from neck up, w. a certain attention to detail toward maintaining—& protecting that effervescent glow.  Here we share pretty jewels for mastering your summertime fine!


a. Why skin’s stressed-out:

Truth is that we sweat more often in summer, so are more likely to frequently cleanse. This is seriously stressful to skin. Why? Because, cleansing too frequently or harshly strips away three components of your skin that keep it moisturized—natural oils on surface, ceramides (or fats) internally, & natural moisturizing factors (NMFs). NMFs are natural substances that retain water from inside body; without them, skin won’t be as effectively hydrated, & natural process of cell turnover may slow down. Result of skin stripped of NMFs is skin that is dull & skin that is dry.

b. What you can skip:

To start, dodge your morning cleanser. Instead, lightly splash your face w. water & apply sunscreen or, a light moisturizer w. an SPF of 15 or higher. Evening-only cleansing will suffice for most, except those w. very oily or acne-prone skin. If your skin is normal to dry, once a week throughout summer eliminate your evening cleanser, too. If you’re wearing makeup, remove it gently w. a wipe, such as Neutrogena Make Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes Hydrating ($7 at drugstores). & while you’re not at it, after your once-a-week, water-only wash in evening, skip any moisturizer you might normally use. This may help reduce oiliness during day & prevent clogged pores. Can’t imagine a night without moisturizer? Fair. At least downgrade to a light lotion or a serum, applying to dry areas only.

c.  Skin Spa treat:

A mask of plain full-fat yogurt & oatmeal can help replenish moisture & exfoliate all skin types. Treatment also cools & calms overheated skin, red skin, & heat rash. Mix 0.5 c. of each ingredient, leave mask on for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse. Repeat up to 3x’s a week.


Well-kept nails often speak a lot about who we are. W. onset of summer, so many of us become nail color fanatics, exploring colors that pop as bright as sun in summer sky. Whether you spend your summer days lounging by pool or beach, gardening or traveling…perfectly manicured nails are always a must!  W. summer nails comes important nail maintenance. In order to keep your nails healthy all summer long be sure to follow this tips & tricks…

W. summers catching up on us, we need to think a little about their care part too before mercury levels start chewing up on our nails. Here’s a couple of tips.

a. Why it’s stressed-out:

·         Research has found repetitive & prolonged wetting & drying of fingernails to be a probable cause of splitting nails

·         Not only are your hands more likely to get wet frequently in summer but, because this is mani-pedi season, you may also be spending more time at salon having your cuticles pushed back w. metal instruments. 

·         Those tools can scrape away microscopic protective cells on nail surface that keep nails hydrated, supple, & strong.

b. What you can skip:

·         In warmer weather, it’s often recommend getting a salon manicure less frequently & just buffing nails in between appointments for a quick, healthy, high-shine look.

·         Buff your nails only in direction they grow, not back & forth, using a buffer that’s soft to touch, not gritty like a file

·         Vitamin B has been shown to improve nail quality

c. Spa treat:

·         Sugar scrubs hydrate nails & help remove dry skin from around nail beds

·         Mix 2 c. sugar w. 1 c. olive oil, which is high in antioxidants & nail-strengthening vitamin E.

·         Rub mixture all over your hands, paying special attention to your cuticles. 

·         Remove it w. a warm washcloth after 15 minutes.


a. Why it’s stressed-out:

·         Submerge yourself in water repeatedly.

·         Some of stuff that keeps it in good condition is washed away.

·         On surface of your skin, there is a normal presence of bacterial flora, such as staph epidermis & corynebacterial, which play a key role in maintaining proper skin function

b. What you can skip:

·         For starters, trade in your long, hot showers for quick, lukewarm ones. 

·         & in place of regular body moisturizers, body creams, & thick balms & butters, use one good antioxidant-packed product in evening only.

·         Limit impact of free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can cause skin aging.

·         During day, sunscreen will supply sufficient moisture. Fast-absorbing formula makes this cream quick & easy to apply.

c. Spa treat:

·         Once a week, do a wet body scrub using a gentle ayate (cactus fiber) exfoliating cloth.

·         Mix 1 c. olive oil, 1 c. of a natural exfoliant, such as sea salt, sugar, or coffee grounds (summer bonus— caffeine in coffee is said to improve look of cellulite), & a few tbsp. of honey for extra hydration.

·         Before you step into shower, lightly rub a small amount of mixture into your skin, beginning at your feet & working your way up.

·         After you’re finished, rinse w. warm water & pat your skin dry.

·         Put on lotion only if your skin feels tight.