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Haute HealthComment

One of lovely beauties of our evolution is process of maturing. & when done w. effort & care, journey can prove to be quite graceful. A fact of life that many often embrace w. dread, aging is in many ways, a right of passage. As you continuously embark into new eras on stages of life, insights of style, self, & so much more become refined, so why not your skin? Luckily, there’s Earth; because strong herbal treatments are able to help you to create your very own, personally fabulous fountain of youth.  


Offering a flock of antioxidants to ward off aging & disease, flowing w. nutrients to fight stiffness, & filled of compounds to keep us sharp & energetic, plant kingdom is brimming w. solutions to conditions that can plague us as we age. In this article, we share three of our fave, fab anti-aging herbs for, youthfully refreshing health & skin, no matter times!



i. Rose & Rosehip | Both rose petal extract & rosehip extract are known for their anti-ageing properties. Rose oil was found to be helpful to restore moisture & regenerate skin cells.  Though rose buds & petals are beneficial to all skin types, they particularly work their magic on mature skin. Rosehips, specifically, have been proven to elevate skin hydration & are frequently used in anti-ageing & antioxidant products (Michalun & Michalun, 2010).

ii. Chamomile | This little wonder herb has clinically proven anti-inflammatory & regeneration properties. W. it’s healing properties ranging from antibacterial to antiseptic, it’s also considered to have ability to neutralize skin irritants. Generally, compounds in chamomile work to stop deterioration of skin cells.

iii. Lavender | A beauty on it’s own, lavender is also credited w. many different healing properties & is used to treat wounds. Lavender oil is said to stimulate cellular growth & regeneration, as well as tone skin. It contains antioxidant properties, which help in anti-ageing skincare products

So perk up lady friends, & use these leaves to age beautifully!


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