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Sun protection shouldn't stop at end of summer. Skiing without protecting your skin can be just as damaging as lying on beach. To protect your skin in all seasons: Check the UV index. National Weather Service & United States Environmental Protection Agency post information on their Web sites about daily UV index—amount of ultraviolet radiation that is expected to reach earth's surface when sun is at its highest point.


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Ultraviolet radiation between zero & 2 is considered minimal & between 3 & 4 is low. It's moderate at 5 to 6, & high at 7 to 9. A UV index rating above 10 is considered to be very high. If you can't avoid sun when index is moderate or higher, be sure to protect your skin.


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 Here’s what you can do:

·         Avoid midday sun. Whenever possible, stay out of sun between hours of 10:00 a.m. & 4:00 p.m., when rays are strongest.

·         Stay in the shade. Enjoy outdoors from underneath a tree or umbrella—& even then, use sunscreen because UV rays bounce around a lot. You can get burned even when you're in shade.

·         Forget about tanning booths. For some people, UVA rays in tanning booths can produce a tan faster than sun can. That's because rays are intense--& damaging.