Haute HealthComment


Haute HealthComment

Beautiful thing about beauty, is that it always starts from inside, out.  It harnesses w. it, precious inner strength that lives within us all, so thankfully we won’t have to venture too far to find it! Because each one of us has strength & support we need already for ourselves, in our selves; it fuels us to not fall short of our goals. Characterized by self-control & peace of mind, power of our beauty blooms best when fluently connected w. strong determination. We search for courage to persist, power to change, spirit to endure, & force to challenge, to nurture our most inner splendor.

Power your inner beauty beautifully w. jewels for discovering your inner strengths

1. Take time to focus

Take some timeout time for yourself, to focus on you. Think about what you need to feel stronger. List out all your positive qualities & accomplishments, & if you can’t do that, seek help from your friends or family. So, when you are feeling low or down, look up this list & feel good for your smallest of efforts. Remember, it’s very easy to think about failure & negatives in life.  Fight those thoughts & learn – to not fear failure.

2. Remain calm & patient

“ A journey of a thousand miles begins w. a single step”. Remember that problems may not be solved in one day, so, remain calm & patient. Celebrate each moment when you take small steps towards solving a problem & feeling better. Those achievements are what help you find your inner strengths.

3. Stay active, sleep well, & have fun

Studies show that you improve your self-image & moods when you eat healthy, smile, exercise regularly, & sleep at least eight hours every night, so, don’t forget to do these things! Also, w. stressful lives we all live, it’s important to have fun by doing things you like to do. It could be things like watching movies, playing games, learning something new, attending live shows, make family time or even acting silly at times!

Just remember to be spontaneous & let loose.

4.  Interact & meet people

Share personal stories w. trusted friends or others that will help you understanding yourself better & find your inner strength. Volunteer sometimes to help others! This improve your self-confidence & builds inner strength.

Even attending peer support groups helps to receive support, guidance, & encouragement, & you get to meet new people who may be in a similar situation as you and would understand what you are undergoing.

5. Spend time w. family, friends, even pets

Surround yourself w. supportive & helpful family & friends who keep reminding you about how good you are & listen to you whenever you need to talk or discuss things.

It’s been proven that spending time w. your pet also improves your inner strength as your bodies release hormones that makes you feel stronger. So, go ahead & give your pet a hug for being a part of your life & helping you without even knowing about it.