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W. season’s change, so does necessity to revamp your style of beauty. Gradually making switch to lighter makeup, hair, & nail color selections, we often neglect to simultaneously switch up our beauty routine. But, oh how so important it is to prep your skin for Spring, because products used in winter may very well be ineffective during warm bloom.

 Question still remain- which products should we be using & which should we be ditching? Beginning w. your moisturizer, Haute Health shares few guidelines on how to swap-out your skin care routine for spring.


After harshly dry air of Winter, it’s important need to rebuild & replenish our skin w. lots of hydration to regain moisture that’s inevitably escaped us. So, what exactly is it that you should keep in mind when scouting for a new moisturizer? Keep an open eye for products are twofold, as both a moisturizer & a skin protectant. It’s been noted that sunflower oil & vitamin E work gloriously as emollients that locks moisture inside skin cells; plus they work extra hard to keep skin a glow!

Chemically, looks out for alpha hydroxy & beta hydroxy acids, which also have properties built in to replenish dry, dull skin. Last but not least, keep an eye out for  glycolic acid, which works to gently to remove dead skin cells & leave you w. glowing skin.

Here are a few of our faves!

Murad| Acne Complex Skin Perfecting Lotion