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Haute HealthComment

The Headline.

Whether you cook out, barbecue, or picnic- this weekend we’ll celebrate the start of summer w. a plethora of delicious foods! While delectably tasty, delicious little splurges could quite possibly hold back your plans for a rocking summer beach body if not approached w. great precision & much care.

W. all great food that will hit grill this holiday weekend, it will make it just that much harder to stick to healthy eats. Use these 4 tips to keep your summer beach body in check.


The Pretty.

1.      Appetizers: Eat before you go.

This way you won’t feel so hungry & are less likely to overindulge. Have some healthy snacks or small meal at home before leaving to avoid overeating once you get out.

2.      Main course: Try an old favorite w. a new twist.

Try a burger w. no bun, & wrapped in lettuce.

Because, a typical burger has about 500 calories. Without bun, you could cut those calories by about a third. Remember to stick to just one burger patty. Portion size also makes a big difference.

3.      Drinks: Keep alcohol to a minimum.

It’s no secret that beer, margaritas, and daiquiris are filled w. empty calories. Even light beer has about 100 calories per serving. When you do have a drink, try to limit yourself to a couple & no more than one alcoholic drink per hour.

4.      Desserts: Have some fruit for dessert.

Watermelon or pineapple make a great dessert & will satisfy your sweet tooth. Watermelon is another staple to any barbecue so choose this for something sweet after your meal instead of having cookies or ice cream.


The Jewel.

Start your day w. good & positive thoughts & words. Starting day right would extend vibrant feeling throughout day & would even act as a multiplier effect to all other positive aspects in your life.