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01. The Science of Happy (Coverpage) Details  harpers-bazaar-june-july-2017-gigi-hadid-by-mariano-vivanco-04.jpg.jpg

W. ancient wisdom of practice of "Positive Psychology", we’ve learned to discover contentment w. past, peace in our current moments & discover hope for future. Offering each & every person an opportunity to search & find inner peace through recognizing interconnected of all things, concept opens paths for meaning, & fulfillment.  But, what does science say about effects of cherishing positive aspects of human experience?

Here, we share a few psychological science research results that contribute support to fuel our innate quest for increased satisfaction & meaning.




  i.            Activities bring more happiness than possessions! A survey of 150 young adults showed that when asked to rate happiness value of purchases they hoped would be pleasurable, experience-type purchases, such as trips or meals, outranked objects.


       ii.            Being wealthy does not make you more likely to be happy than other people, if everyone’s income is above poverty level.


     iii.            Grateful people are more likely to be healthy, helpful, & have a greater sense of well-being.


     iv.            Seeing other people do good things makes us want to do good too.


       v.            An optimistic outlook reduces risk of physical & emotional health problems.