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Haute HealthComment

When’s last time you stopped consider not only what happiness is, but what true happiness uniquely means to you? Because happiness isn’t merely absence of suffering; it’s a concept much bigger. Hard to define, positive psychology, in recent decades, has given us some major key factors that foster freakishly high levels of happiness, vitality, & well-being. They include:

 optimism

 realization & cultivation of character strength

 insight & self-awareness

 purpose, passion & meaning

 mindfulness of moments

Study of positive psychology has gone on to increase number of individuals who are benefiting from techniques & therapies targeted at helping them develop positive outlooks that improve quality of their daily lives. In addition to measures of happiness, this flourishing field also addresses questions of vitality & meaning in life as worthy of serious scientific research.


Positive psychology has led to development of techniques & therapies that can help us to find greater satisfaction & meaning in life while harnessing strengths, nurturing positive emotions, & forming momentous relationships w. others.


Cultivating personal strengths is grand, but our modern culture tends to celebrate a concentrated few traits that fit w. current concepts of practicality.


Thankfully, we can make bold moves to better bring our strengths within our current contexts or mindfully move into new spaces where our innate offerings are valued, enhanced & activated. Discovering our divine purpose, we a human being are happiest when we have a sense of meaning & passion in relation to how we spend moments of our lives, yet many of us experience a sense of emptiness.


To acknowledge these feelings, you must first understand importance of establishing clarity around what it is you truly value. Second, you must begin to act in ways that are harmonious w. our deepest values & visions for ourselves & others. Connect w. your individual ideology & make a change to forget about lingering in relationships & work environments that are incongruous w. it. Because life is comprised of moments, & these moments only exist to serve as possible opportunities for materialization of our happiness. If we’re mindful, we can enjoy them. If we’re on autopilot, they often pass us by.